Welcome to the official blog for the Hidden Talent Project, a Leicester-based researched project created by Talent Match Leicestershire in October 2015.

The project brings together various individuals with hidden conditions, such as autism, bipolar and dyslexia, attention deficit (hyperactive) disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder… There are many others I should include here, but I don’t think readers came looking to find a novel.

Our goals include:

-raising awareness of hidden conditions such as autism, bipolar, dyslexia etc – conditions that are easily unseen by the untrained eye… or any eye for that matter.

-identifying the barriers people with HCs face when seeking employment, and then finding out how to break them down.

-breaking down the stereotypes associated with hidden conditions (not every autistic is a walking calculator, and dyslexia and illiteracy are NOT the same thing)

-looking at the existing research out there focusing on HCs and what it means for people with them.

-helping people with HCs understand the conditions in order to better understand themselves.

Feel free to follow our exploits as we work to get Hidden Talent out there and champion the capabilities of hidden conditions everywhere. If you’ve got a hidden condition, or you know someone with a hidden condition, and are browsing for some advice, hidden condition going-ons in the world, depictions in cinema and the occasional melodramatic humour (provided by yours truly), this blog is for you. As a great man once sang, “We’re in this together now…”

Sorry, couldn’t resist dropping a media reference…

Enjoy the blog! And don’t be alarmed, there is a method to my madness…

Peter Colley, Hidden Talent Researcher